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What is the function of air preheater and superheater?

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A large amount of air needs to be consumed in the combustion process of the boiler. Before combustion, the air at room temperature needs to be heated to about 300 ℃, and then the air participates in the combustion. The heating process of the air also consumes a part of the fuel combustion energy.

After the flue gas waste heat recovery air preheater is installed, the high temperature flue gas passes through the surface of the heat pipes installed side by side in the air preheater before being discharged into the atmosphere, and through the heat pipe effect, the cold air entering the boiler is preheated. During the process, the temperature of the high-temperature flue gas decreases, the temperature of the cold air increases, and the heated air enters the boiler to participate in the combustion, which reduces the fuel consumption of the part that originally heated the air.

After calculation and practical experience of operation, in the range of boiler flue gas temperature higher than 120 ℃, the efficiency of boiler increases by 1% for every 15 ℃ decrease in flue gas temperature; when the flue gas temperature is lower than 120 ℃, for every 11 ℃ decrease in flue gas temperature , the boiler efficiency increases by 1%.

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