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Quality Policy

Our product development team works closely with the customer to understand their RFQ and to offer solutions to the customer's needs.
This includes understanding the technical parameters, constraints and critical requirements.

We provide excellent support with our simulation software. Using design software, we work closely with our customers to meet their performance requirements and assessing various technical parameters and share the simulation results to finalise the design.
This is followed by providing samples,starting the pilot lot and the serial production commences.
The company is ISO9001 certified for quality systems and safety and adheres to stringent quality norms.
All coils are 100% leak tested at 40 bar pressure or all exports coils are lead tested in dual chamber helium leaddetection machines.

For sustainable growth in target sectors based on our core industry, we will... 

 Give top priority to quality,
 Surpass customer expectations,
 Utilize continuous improvement philosophy,
 Reduce waste and variability,
 Apply preventive approaches,
 Realize innovative solutions,
 Develop the employee and corporate competencies,
 Ensure compliance with technical standards and legal requirements,
 Act promptly after utilizing common mind,
To reach highest level of satisfaction among our customers and shareholders.


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