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Core assy cooler, 148999-18110 Yanmar 12AYM-WST.



Heat Exchanger for Automotive Painting

The heat exchanger or thermal reactor is made of copper tube, its working principle is transferring the heat from the high temperature to low temperature such as from the surface to the inside. The application of our heat exchanger can be widely used in automotive painting engineering, smelting and



IHI TRX InterCooler

VRcooler CST provides a replacement for the IHI intercooler TRE series, we offer copper tubes, copper fins and aluminium materials. It fits perfectly with the original IHI air compressor and works great.The oem coolers produced by VRcooler CST are shipped to countries all over the world, and have wo



What is the treatment method for industrial waste gas recovery?

What is the treatment method for industrial waste gas recovery? Industrial waste gas usually carries a lot of heat, direct emission wastes a lot of energy, and it is not energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so how to deal with industrial waste gas? Exhaust gas recovery method 1 (heating air)



40kw mining dry cooler for Crypto Immersion Cooling

We designed standard dry cooler model for immersion cooling system. From 40KW to 240KW, Fully meet your cooling needs.Below is the work pr



What is an air fin tube radiator?

The air radiator uses high-efficiency finned tubes as heat transfer elements, uses steam or other fluids (heat-conducting oil, water, etc.) as a working fluid, and uses air as another working fluid, through the enhanced heat transfer of finned tubes, To achieve the purpose of heating and cooling the

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