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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers in Power Plants

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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers in Power Plants

Project Objective

Provide customers a dependable cooling solution with reduced running expenses.

Project Outcomes

A highly reliable system that requires no downtime for maintenance and is less expensive to operate.

Work for a Big Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger for a Power Plant Generator

Our customer requested this massive set of air-cooled heat exchangers because of their general dependability, low running costs, and capacity to never disrupt production.

Closed loop systems with air-cooled heat exchangers avoid potential fluid contamination, which has been associated with cooling towers. They are also far more reliable than utilising chillers for cooling since if one or more fans fail, manufacturing can continue while repairs are carried out. Air-cooled heat exchangers also consume less power than refrigerant-based coolers because there is no compressor required. All of these advantages are available in both smaller, more typical air-cooled heat exchanger configurations and very large series like this one.

Remote Radiator for Generator in Power Plant 2


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