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How to design the hotel's fresh air system?As a commercial organization that provides customers with a short rest and sleep, the hotel has slowly reformed and innovated into a three-in-one entertainment venue that integrates entertainment, catering, and banquets. With the improvement of quality of l



How to Install the Fresh Air System in Restaurants?

How to install the fresh air system in restaurantsThe air pollution index of the restaurant is relatively strong, and it is often filled with the smell of food, oil smoke, alcohol, etc. Too much gas is harmful to the human body. The circulation of the restaurant personnel is very high, and a large n



How to Choose A Fresh Air System?

How to choose a fresh air system?1. Filter effectThe filtration effect is the most important index for everyone, and it is also the key to determine whether the fresh air system can really filter out harmful substances. General fresh air products show 99% filtering effect, see the details from these



Commercial Ceiling Heat Recovery Ventilation

Fresh air flow calculation formulaBy room size and hourly fresh air exchange rate = room area × floor height × fresh air exchange rate (times / cubic meters / hour)FeaturesHeat exchange ventilation system introduces fresh air through three air filters. Indoor and outdoor airflow quadruple filtering


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