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How to Design the Hotel's Heat Recovery Ventilator System?

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How to design the hotel's Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

As a commercial organization that provides customers with a short rest and sleep, the hotel has slowly reformed and innovated into a three-in-one entertainment venue that integrates entertainment, catering, and banquets. With the improvement of quality of life and high-end consumption, customers have put forward higher demands for air comfort in hotels, and hotel ventilation has long become the main difficulty facing the development trend.

Hotel fresh air system measures: hotel rooms usually have two-way flow, the exhaust air volume is selected to meet 30m3/h per person, and the ventilation is moderately increased. The intake air volume accounts for at least more than half of the exhaust air volume.

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Analysis: The host should be placed in the ceiling of the non-lounge room as much as possible. An exhaust outlet is placed in the bathroom and an air supply outlet is placed in the room to ensure excellent natural ventilation. Exhaust the dirty gas from the outdoors, and let the fresh gas enter the room, so that the whole room always maintains a good air environment.

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