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Commercial Ceiling Heat Recovery Ventilation

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Fresh air flow calculation formula

By room size and hourly fresh air exchange rate = room area × floor height × fresh air exchange rate (times / cubic meters / hour)

Heat recovery ventilation (12)


Heat exchange ventilation system introduces fresh air through three air filters. Indoor and outdoor airflow quadruple filtering to ensure H13 level air quality

1. Pre-filtration

Medical environmental protection material, filtering large particles of dust and mosquitoes

2. Carbon filter

Adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases in the air

3. High efficiency filter (H13)

Above 0.3μm particles filtration efficiency of 99.97% or more (only for the value of the air outlet, not including the room)

Brand DC motor

1. low-noise high-quality motor: the use of brand AC motor, low noise, smooth operation

2. 5-year motor warranty, longer service life

3. High efficiency, energy saving 20-40%


1. Discharge indoor polluted air from outside and supply fresh air from outside

2. Flexible installation

3.Easy to clean and low maintenance cost.


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