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How to Install the Fresh Air System in Restaurants?

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How to install the fresh air system in restaurants?

The air pollution index of the restaurant is relatively strong, and it is often filled with the smell of food, oil smoke, alcohol, etc. Too much gas is harmful to the human body. The circulation of the restaurant personnel is very high, and a large number of bacteria will grow in the gas. In addition to the ammonia and harmful gases released by the decoration, the hygienic standards of the restaurant and the kitchen fumes are difficult to flow out of the outdoors, causing the air index inside the restaurant to decrease, irritating, pungent, and lack of oxygen.

Restaurant fresh air system measures: restaurants usually do two-way flow, and the number of air changes is more than 3 times. The air supply volume accounts for at least more than half of the exhaust air volume. Please contact us to obtain the catalogue for selection.

Note: The host should be placed as far as possible in the suspended sheds of relatively secondary areas such as toilets and corridors, and the air delivery and exhaust outlets should be arranged in an effective natural ventilation method to ensure excellent natural ventilation. Make the dirty gas flow out of the outdoors, and the fresh gas into the room, so that the whole room always maintains a stable air environment.

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