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How to Choose A Fresh Air System?

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How to choose a fresh air system?

1. Filter effect

The filtration effect is the most important index for everyone, and it is also the key to determine whether the fresh air system can really filter out harmful substances. General fresh air products show 99% filtering effect, see the details from these parts:

1.1 Filter material

If you want a good filtering effect, the material of the filter is the most important consideration.

The primary filter is made of non-woven fabric, which can effectively filter large particles such as mosquitoes, flies, etc.;

The medium-efficiency filter uses filter cotton, which can filter dust particles above 5 microns, which improves the cleanliness of the introduced air; the innermost uses an electrostatic dust collection box, which is effective in sterilization. However, this type of filter system is prone to ozone and has a peculiar smell. It only has an effect on large particles and has no adsorption capacity for formaldehyde.

The high-efficiency filter adopts activated carbon composite material, which can absorb odor, formaldehyde, etc., and the high-efficiency filter adopts H13 high-efficiency low-resistance composite material, which can filter out 99.97% of PM2.5 inhalable particles.

1.2 The number and thickness of the filter

Under normal circumstances, three-layer filtration is used. The filtration system with fewer layers does not work at all, and the higher the number of filtration layers, the greater the resistance, the less fresh air volume. Generally, the thickness is also exquisite, and the thickness of the filter screen is calculated according to the working efficiency of the fan.

1.3 Expanded area of the filter

The unfolded area of the filter determines the use time of your filter and the dust holding capacity. Only a large dust holding capacity can ensure that the use time of the filter is more than 80% higher than that of the general filter.

1.4 Replacement of the filter

Everyone is very concerned about the replacement of the filter. If it is replaced late, it will easily cause secondary pollution and waste resources if it is replaced early. Generally, it is replaced every six months to once a year, but it is also related to the local environmental quality. If it is in a highly polluted area, the frequency of replacement must be higher. If the air is better, the frequency of replacement will be reduced.

Heat recovery ventilation (12)

Heat recovery ventilation (6)

2. Heat exchange rate

Heat exchange is the core of the fresh air system. Even in countries with good air quality, fresh air systems must be installed for heat exchange. The importance of heat exchange efficiency is particularly prominent in hot and cold places. Generally, two materials are used in heat exchangers, one is paper and the other is aluminum foil core. The paper is easy to deform, deteriorate, mold, and breed bacteria, and cannot be cleaned, cannot be used for a long time, and is prone to secondary pollution. ; The cost of the aluminum foil core is too high, which will increase the price of the fresh air system. It is recommended to use high-efficiency thermal conductivity and moisture permeability polymer materials, which have good stability, no deformation, acid and alkali resistance, anti-pollution, long life, and do not need to be replaced.

Crossflow Air to Air heat exchanger 5
Crossflow Air to Air heat exchanger 3

3. Noise index

Many fresh air systems are installed in the living room, office, bedroom and other environments. Too much noise can easily affect the quality of work, study and sleep. Therefore, pay attention to the noise level of the fresh air system when the air volume is the minimum and the noise when the air volume is the maximum. Refer to The noise index is very important. Generally, the fresh air system manufacturers will control the noise within 35dB.

4. Work environment restrictions

General fresh air systems have applicable environmental restrictions. In many fresh air systems, energy recovery devices and other components are likely to be blocked due to condensation and freezing in high-cold and extremely cold environments. For areas where the outdoor temperature can reach minus 40°C in winter, a fresh air system with an anti-frost system must be selected.

5. Smart mode

We are using smart phones, smart cars, smart rice cookers, smart TVs...Smart furniture has become a part of our lives. The application rate of the smart section in my country's fresh air system industry is not high. Only some relatively high-end fresh air companies that dare to eat crabs have taken the lead in applying the smart section in their equipment.

6. Air supply method

The general fresh air system adopts the method of top air supply and top discharge, and another special method is ground air supply. Through a flat tube with a thickness of only 3 cm, and relying on active pressure boosting technology, the fresh air is sent to the floor air outlet by forced low output. The supply air flow is fully replaced with the dirty indoor air and discharged from the top high position to form a circulation of the entire indoor air flow. This air supply method can save 5%-10% of the floor height compared to the traditional top air supply method.


7. Installation method

There are currently two types of fresh air systems on the market, one is installed before renovation, and the other can be installed before and after renovation. Therefore, when purchasing a fresh air system, be sure to ask whether the fresh air system you are buying is a pre-renovation model or a post-renovation model, or what is the installation method of the model, whether it needs to be piped, etc.


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