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What cooling options are available for generators?

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What cooling options are available for generators?

1、Closed circuit air cooling

For turbine generators under 50,000 kW, closed-circuit air cooling systems are mostly used, with fans inside the motor blowing on the heated parts to cool them down.

2、Hydrogen cooling

For generators with a capacity of 5 to 600,000 kilowatts, hydrogen cooling is widely used. Hydrogen (99% purity) heat dissipation performance than air, heat dissipation effect, can make the motor ventilation friction loss is greatly reduced, thus can significantly improve the efficiency of the generator. The use of hydrogen cooling must have explosion-proof and leak-proof measures, which makes the motor structure more complex, but also increases the consumption of electrode materials and costs.

3, liquid medium cooling

The relative cooling capacity of water is 50 times that of air, taking away the same amount of heat, the flow of water required is much smaller than air. Therefore, the use of a part of the hollow wire in the coil, the wire through the water cooling, you can greatly reduce the motor temperature rise, slow down the insulation aging, growth of motor life.

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