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What are the advantages of precision air conditioners?

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For precision air conditioners, it is mainly to eliminate the sensible heat emitted by the equipment in the computer room, the heat load emitted by the indoor staff, and the heat and humidity load of the fresh air entering the room in summer (only 5% of the total load).

The precision air conditioner is designed to meet the requirements of the special process of precision equipment and the specific environment. Its purpose is to accurately control its temperature, humidity, etc. and require it to be controlled within a certain range. It is also called constant temperature and humidity air conditioner. It is characterized by large air volume and heat load. Variety.

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Precision air conditioners are designed to "provide a constant temperature and humidity specific operating environment for IT equipment and other precision devices." This is a high-precision air conditioner specially designed for computer rooms. In order to ensure good heat dissipation of computers or server chips, application scenarios include computer rooms, laboratories, large medical equipment rooms and other high-precision fields.

Its service object is to maintain the related equipment that the computer room can continue to operate: such as IT equipment, power distribution system, power supply equipment, etc. The precision air conditioner has a "constant temperature and humidity" function, and the temperature difference range can be controlled at 0.1 degrees Celsius or even higher. Therefore, precision air conditioners pay more attention to the design of precise control of temperature and humidity in the computer room and timely control of cleanliness.

The precision air conditioner has a high-precision, sensitive, microprocessor-based intelligent control system that can quickly respond to changes in the external environment, thereby ensuring that the environmental changes remain within the setting range required for a stable environment. For example, human-computer interaction interface, alarm protection, network monitoring and other functions.

The precision air conditioner adopts high and medium efficiency filters, and its efficiency can reach 20%~30%, and it meets the ASHRAE standard. It can filter out the dust in the air in time and efficiently, and can effectively prevent the dust from attaching and carbonizing the high-frequency chip to cause a short circuit to maintain the room Cleanliness extends the service life of related parts and reduces operation and maintenance costs.

For precision air conditioners, regardless of the external environment, most data centers require uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The precision air conditioner can operate normally under the condition of -30°F, while the glycol refrigeration system can normally refrigerate under the condition of -60°F.

In some large-scale projects, it is recommended to use precision air conditioners. Its design for uninterrupted operation throughout the year, intelligent control system, constant temperature and humidity functions, components and redundant functions, etc., will greatly improve the reliability of equipment operation. To a large extent reduce the cost of operation and operation and maintenance.

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