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How the Boiler Economizer Uses Waste Heat Recovery to Creat Benefits?

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The rational use of waste heat recovered by boiler economizers can not only improve the rational use of raw materials, but also increase energy utilization, reduce corporate capital investment, and maximize benefits.

Generally, the waste heat recovery device of a boiler heats water. If it is heated to 90°C, the water should be heated from 20°C to 200°C, but now it can be completed by heating from 90°C to 200°C. If a boiler economizer is installed at the end of the waste heat boiler, it can save fuel and reduce the exhaust gas temperature.

boiler Flue gas heat exchanger system diagram

After the boiler flue gas recovery equipment is used to effectively recover the available waste heat of the boiler, the utilization value is extremely great. For example, the production of hot water and water heating can save the use of gas. If the temperature is higher, it can also produce superheated steam.

Hot water can be used for bathing, domestic hot water, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, etc., low-pressure saturated steam can be used for chemical production, heating working fluid, steam stripping, etc., superheated steam. In addition, it can also be used for chemical production and power generation.

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