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Gas-to-gas heat exchanger - where industrial waste heat recovery is possible

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Gas-to-gas heat exchanger - where industrial waste heat recovery is possible

1, high-temperature flue gas, exhaust gas / combustion air combustion

Combustion process in industrial production occurs, will produce a large number of high-temperature flue gas, exhaust gas, this part of the gas in the heat exchanger before the treatment, are directly through the chimney and other facilities for emissions, if there is no discharge pipeline to install the flue heat exchanger, the heat will be completely wasted;

At the same time, the combustion system to make up for the new air from the natural atmosphere into the room temperature of the new air;

At this time you can through the high-temperature gas gas heat exchanger for the above two gases, high-temperature flue gas, the heat of the exhaust gas heat transfer to the combustion of new air, waste gas, flue gas waste heat recycling

Flue Gas Heat Recovery 01

2、Middle and high temperature moisture/supplementary fresh air

In some need to drying, shaping occasions, in the drying process will inevitably discharge a large number of hot and humid gas, temperature ranging from 60-100 degrees Celsius, the usual machine site is also directly discharged;

At this time you can install the gas gas heat exchanger will be part of the moisture with the supplemental fresh air for heat exchange, to achieve the wet heat waste heat recovery and utilisation

3, room temperature air / low temperature fresh air

In the current office, especially in winter, there is central air conditioning to achieve room temperature, but due to the indoor air quality needs to constantly update the air but also need to maintain a constant temperature indoors, this time through the gas gas heat exchanger, will be discharged to 26 degrees Celsius air and enter the room with low-temperature fresh air for heat transfer to achieve the recovery of waste heat to reduce air-conditioning energy consumption.

The above is part of the gas gas heat exchanger in the industrial waste heat recycling application introduction.

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