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Gas plate heat exchanger (gas heat exchanger) and residual heat recycling

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Gas plate heat exchanger (gas heat exchanger) and residual heat recycling

1. The air heat exchanger is mainly plate heat exchanger. Compared with the tube heat exchanger, the heat transfer coefficient of the plate -type heat transfer device increases by 50%-200%, and the steel saves 50%-70%, accounting for accounting for 50%, accounting for accounting for 50%, accounting for accounting The ground area decreases by 50%, the resistance is reduced by 20%, it is not easy to scaling, the operating cost is low and easy to maintain, the structure is flexible, and the space adaptability is good. Compared with the turning heat exchanger, the plate heat exchanger has the advantages of zero leakage, motor -free power consumption, easy to clear ash, and should not be blocked. Judging from the history of the development of the world heat exchanger technology, full welding plate technology is an inevitable trend in the energy consumption industry.

2. The gas plate heat exchanger is based on independently developed metal plates with a certain number of drums. The drums on the board can not only support each other to enhance the structural strength and pressure of the equipment, but also cause disturbances to the gas medium to strengthen the heat transfer effect. The plate with a drum bag has a good heat transfer effect with a traditional ripple sheet while also forming a channel that is easier to circulate than ripples, reducing the resistance of the gas through the flow tract. It is a new type of high -efficiency and energy -saving heat exchange equipment.

3. The gas plate heat exchanger consists of main components such as the heat exchanges, the self -supporting frame, and the cold and hot side inlet and export diameter. The device uses metal plate as a heat transfer element, which is sealed by welding process, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of the heat exchanger. The device can choose the pilot that is suitable for its flow according to the gas characteristics, so that the equipment can achieve the best heat exchange effect under the premise of maintaining long -term normal work. If necessary, it can also increase the ash blowing device. Blow ash.

4. There are many options for gas plate heat exchanger core materials, such as 304, 316L, 310S, 2205, etc. The specific material can be selected according to the material content content of the medium and the actual operating conditions. For the working conditions like the side of the air heater, in order to prevent the temperature of the flue gas from decreased, the dew point corrosion problem was introduced to the metal plate, and a combined heat exchanger scheme was introduced. In the low temperature section, 70%change heat in the high temperature section through the plate structure solution. In the interval below the dew point corrosion temperature, the corrosive enamel tube, glass tube or silicon tube of silicon tubes are used to completely solve the problem of dew point corrosion. Essence

5. Gas heat exchanger has the characteristics of high heat transmission efficiency, decreased pressure, not easy to accumulate, easy to clean, compact structure, and small area. White, flue gas changing, flue gas warming or cooling, air preheating, and smoke waste heat recovery and other projects.

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