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Fins And Tube Type Heat Exchanger For Steam Heating Dryer Machine

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Fins And Tube Type Heat Exchanger For Steam Heating Dryer Machine

Steam heated dryers using finned tube heat exchangers are a common configuration of industrial heat exchange equipment used to transfer thermal energy from steam to the air inside the dryer to heat and dry materials. Here is some basic information about steam heated dryers and finned tube heat exchangers:

1. Steam-heated dryer: This type of dryer is usually used in industrial production for drying wet materials (e.g. chemical products, foodstuffs, wood, etc.). The working principle is to transfer heat energy to the materials through heat conduction, evaporate the moisture in them, and then discharge the steam and water vapour, so as to achieve the drying process.

2. Fin Tube Heat Exchanger: This is a highly efficient heat exchanger designed to transfer heat energy from one fluid to another without mixing them. It gets its name from the fins that cover its tubes, which increase the surface area and thus the efficiency of heat exchange. A fin tube heat exchanger usually consists of a set of parallel tubes covered with a number of tiny fins, where one fluid flows through the inside of the tube while the other flows through the outside of the tube, allowing for the transfer of heat.

Heat Exchanger For Steam Heating Dryer Machine

In a steam heated dryer, the fin tube heat exchanger serves to transfer the heat energy from the steam to the air inside the dryer. Steam flows through the tubes and the outer surfaces of the finned tubes come into contact with the air in the dryer, and heat is transferred from the steam to the air, warming it. In this way, the air in the dryer is able to provide enough heat to dry the material.

Overall, the combination of a steam heated dryer with a finned tube heat exchanger is a common industrial application used to efficiently transfer heat from steam to materials that need to be dried. This helps to increase productivity and reduce energy consumption.


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