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Dry Cooler Immersion Cooling in Data Center

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Dry cooler immersion cooling in data center

The combination of a dry cooler and immersion cooling in a data center is an innovative approach to managing the heat generated by IT equipment, particularly in high-performance computing environments. Immersion cooling involves submerging IT hardware, such as servers or other components, in a dielectric liquid to dissipate heat more efficiently than traditional air cooling. When integrated with a dry cooler, this setup can enhance energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact associated with data center cooling.

Immersion Cooling Setup:

IT hardware, such as servers or server racks, is submerged in a dielectric liquid or coolant. This coolant has a high heat capacity and is non-conductive, allowing for safe immersion of electronic components.

The dielectric liquid absorbs heat directly from the immersed hardware.

Heat Transfer to Dry Cooler:

The heated dielectric liquid is then pumped out of the immersion tanks and circulated to a dry cooler located outside the data center.

Dry data center cooling equipment with free cooling

Dry Cooler Operation:

The dry cooler, which typically consists of coils and fans, facilitates the exchange of heat between the heated dielectric liquid and the ambient air.

As the fans draw in outside air, the heat is dissipated from the liquid, and the liquid is cooled.

Coolant Recirculation:

The now-cooled dielectric liquid is recirculated back to the immersion tanks within the data center to absorb more heat from the IT hardware.

Energy Efficiency:

The dry cooler, in conjunction with immersion cooling, allows the data center to benefit from free cooling when the outside air temperature is lower than the temperature of the heated liquid.

This process reduces the reliance on traditional mechanical cooling methods, resulting in improved energy efficiency.


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