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What should you check if your evaporator coil has icing

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This is evaporator coil. Iceing problem please checked as

1) coil was clogged with dust and dirt.

2) no heat tranfer to air and refrigernt in coil

3) very less load in cooling spaced.

4) coil filter may be chocked.

5) blower speed may be low or higher flow of blower.

6) return air temperature sensor not working or setting of controller may be distrube.

7) coil under drain pan panel drain water chocked or caeriy over with air.

8) coil approch may be low.

9) coil may be leakages checked the coil leakages.

10) expansion valve may stucked and clogged in distributor.

11) return air temperature may be less due to no heat tranfer of refrigerant and air.

12) checked any abstraction in duct or grilled closed

13) filter or strainer may be clogged.

14) liquid Refrigerant enter in compressor.

15) out door unit may be problem.

16) coil sensor faults and expansion blub may be loose fitting.

All above reason ice formation on coil.


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