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What is the Advantages of an air to air plate Heat Exchanger

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The plate air preheater is composed of plate bundles, tube boxes, boxes, etc. The all-welded corrugated plate bundle module is used as the heat transfer unit, and the pure countercurrent corrugated plate is used as the heat transfer element, and the plates are welded and sealed.

The heat transfer element is installed in a rectangular box, and the flue gas and air enter the upper and lower inlet tube boxes of the plate bundle respectively, and then enter the heat transfer plate bundle in the reverse direction through the distribution channel. The flue gas and the air medium pass through the plates in the form of pure countercurrent heat exchange in the plate bundle, and then are discharged from the device respectively through the outlet pipe box.

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Structural characteristics of plate air preheater

     1. High heat transfer efficiency and pressure drop

     Compared with the tubular heat transfer element, the total heat transfer coefficient of the plate heat transfer element is increased by 1-3 times, and the total heat transfer coefficient is increased by 30%-100% compared with the heat pipe. According to the characteristics of temperature and volume changes before and after air heating and flue gas cooling, the plate air preheater adopts a pure counter-flow plate design with unequal flow channels, so that it has excellent hydrodynamic performance, pressure drop and high heat transfer efficiency.

     2. Compact structure

     The plate heat transfer element has a very compact structure, which is nearly 3 times higher than that of the tubular heat transfer element. Therefore, the plate air preheater has a more compact structure and a small footprint.

     3. Not easy to accumulate dust

     The surface of the heat transfer element of the plate air preheater is smooth and the medium turbulence is high, so it is not easy to accumulate dust, and it can also be cleaned online, which is more convenient for maintenance.

     4. Long service life

     The plate of the plate air preheater is made of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials, and it is a fully welded sealing structure. Therefore, the utility model has a long service life, a wide range of flue gas operating temperatures, a reliable structure and can effectively prevent air leakage.


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