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What is brazed heat exchanger?

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The brazed plate heat exchanger is made of many stamped corrugated sheets at certain intervals, sealed around by gaskets, and overlapped with a frame and a compression screw. The four corner holes of the plate and the gasket form the separation of the fluid. At the same time, the cold and hot fluids are reasonably separated so that they flow in the flow channels on both sides of each plate, and heat exchange is carried out through the plates.

Brazed plate heat exchangers have been widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, medicine, food, chemical fiber, papermaking, light textile, shipbuilding, heating and other departments, and can be used for heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, sterilization and disinfection , waste heat recovery, etc.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger 1

solar energy utilization

Participate in the heat exchange process of antifreeze liquid such as the heat transfer medium ethylene glycol in the solar collector plate to achieve the purpose of utilizing solar energy.

chemical industry

Manufacture of titanium oxide, alcohol fermentation, synthetic ammonia, resin synthesis, manufacture of rubber, cooling phosphoric acid, cooling formalin, alkali carbon industry, electrolytic alkali production.

iron industry

Cooling quenching oil, cooling electroplating liquid, cooling reducer lubricating oil, cooling rolling mill, wire drawing machine coolant.

Metallurgical industry

Heating and cooling of aluminate mother liquor, cooling of sodium aluminate, cooling of lubricating oil of aluminum smelting mill.

Machinery manufacturing

Various quenching liquid cooling, cooling press, industrial mother machine lubricating oil, heating engine oil.

food industry

Salt, dairy, soy sauce, vinegar sterilization, cooling, animal and vegetable oil heating, cooling, beer, wort heating and cooling in beer production, sugar, gelatin concentration, sterilization, cooling, manufacture of sodium glutamate.

textile industry

Heat recovery of various waste liquids, cooling of boiling phosphating fibers, cooling of viscose liquid, cooling of acetic acid and acetic anhydride, cooling of alkaline aqueous solution, heating and cooling of viscose yarn.

paper industry

Cooling black water, heating and cooling of bleaching salt and lye, heat recovery of cellophane waste liquid, heating and cooking acid, cooling of sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, recovery of waste liquid from bleaching paper, condensation of exhaust gas, preheating of concentrated pulp similar waste.

centralized heating

Thermal power plant waste heat district heating, heating domestic water, boiler district heating.

Oil industry

Heating and cooling synthetic detergent, heating whale oil, cooling vegetable oil, cooling sodium hydroxide, cooling glycerin, emulsified oil.

power industry

Generator shaft pump cooling, transformer oil cooling.


Diesel engine, central cooler, jacket unloading water cooler, piston cooler, lubricating oil cooler, preheater, seawater desalination system (including multi-stage and single-stage).

mariculture breeding

The matching boiler to heat up the seawater for seedlings has saved the use of coal, thereby saving energy and environmental protection and improving efficiency.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger 2

Brazed plate heat exchanger design features

1. High efficiency and energy saving: its heat transfer coefficient is 3000~4500kcal/m2·°C·h, which is 3~5 times higher than that of shell and tube heat exchangers.

2. Compact structure: The plates of the plate heat exchanger are closely arranged. Compared with other types of heat exchangers, the plate heat exchanger occupies less floor space and space, and the plate heat exchanger with the same area for heat exchange is only the tube 1/5 of the shell heat exchanger.

3. Easy to clean and easy to assemble and disassemble: the plate heat exchanger is clamped by clamping bolts, so it is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can be opened and cleaned at any time.

4. Long service life: The plate heat exchanger is pressed by stainless steel or titanium alloy plates, which can resist various corrosive media.

5. Strong adaptability: The plate heat exchanger plate is an independent component, and the process can be increased or decreased at will according to the requirements, and the forms are various; it can be applied to various different process requirements.

6. No liquid leakage: The sealing groove of the plate heat exchanger is provided with a liquid leakage channel, and various media will not be connected with each other. Even if there is leakage, the medium will always be discharged outwards.


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