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What is a Tubular Heat Exchanger?

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What is a Tubular Heat Exchanger

The Working Principle of Tubular Heat Exchanger—Introduction to Tubular Heat Exchanger

Tubular heat exchanger is the most widely used heat exchanger in chemical industry and alcohol production. It is mainly composed of shell, tube sheet, heat exchange tube, head, baffle and so on. The required materials can be made of ordinary carbon steel, red copper, or stainless steel. During heat exchange, one kind of fluid enters from the connecting pipe of the head, flows in the pipe, and flows out from the outlet pipe at the other end of the head, which is called the tube side; The other pipe on the shell flows out, which is called a shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

Working principle of Tubular Heat Exchanger——Introduction to the working principle of Tubular Heat Exchanger

The tube heat exchanger is mainly composed of head, shell, tube bundle, flange connection and other components. One kind of working fluid enters the heat transfer tube through the inlet connection pipe at the head end, and its process can realize one-tube, two-tube and four-tube structures according to the process requirements; the other kind of working fluid enters the shell through the inlet connection pipe at one end of the shell And evenly distributed outside the heat transfer tubes, its flow state can be set in different types and numbers of baffles in the tube bundle according to the process requirements. As the heat transfer element - heat exchange tubes, brass tubes, copper finned tubes and steel tubes can be used according to the process requirements, so as to ensure that the working fluids with different physical properties and different temperatures can exchange heat in the heat exchanger to achieve cooling or purpose of heating.

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Working principle of Tubular Heat Exchanger - application structure of Tubular Heat Exchanger

Good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, light weight, small footprint, non-toxic, non-scaling, convenient installation and maintenance, wide application, low price, etc. In 1980, more than ten chemical units Comrades from specialists, scholars, and technical personnel participated. According to the appraisal opinion, the research and development work in filling modification, secondary molding processing, special tool welding, etc. are all successful. It is advanced in China, and it is also the first to use graphite to fill modified polypropylene and make heat exchangers.

Working principle of Tubular Heat Exchanger - characteristics of Tubular Heat Exchanger

The structure is simple, compact, and the fluid resistance is small. It can manufacture large-scale equipment, but the pressure resistance and temperature resistance are lower than that of the block hole type. It is suitable for non-strong impact and small vibration occasions. After special processing, it can also be used as general heating equipment.

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