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The working principle of denitrification gas plate heat exchanger

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The heat exchanger is a heat exchanger used in denitration of flue gas produced by a steel rolling heating furnace, and the heat exchanger is arranged before the denitration reactor. Since the general denitrification device requires the flue gas to reach a certain temperature, the raw flue gas without denitrification first passes through the heat exchanger to exchange heat with the denitrified clean flue gas, and the raw flue gas is heated and then enters the denitration reactor through the heat supplementary heater. The clean flue gas after denitrification enters the heat exchanger for waste heat recovery before being discharged, which not only protects the environment, but also saves energy.

     For this process point, VRcooler develops and produces denitration GGH plate heat exchangers, which use heat exchange plates as heat transfer elements, with uniform flow channel distribution, suitable flow rate, compact structure and high heat transfer efficiency.

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Features of denitrification gas plate heat exchanger:

     Vrcooler's air-to-air plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency and energy-saving heat exchanger, which has the following characteristics:

     1. High heat transfer efficiency;

     2. Pressure drop;

     3. Compact structure;

     4. Long life;

     5. Features such as complete separation of hot and cold fluids

     6. Due to the constant change of the cross-sectional shape of the flow channel of the heat transfer plate along the fluid flow direction, the disturbance to the heat exchange fluid is strengthened, thereby increasing the heat transfer performance of the fluid;

     7. The surface of the plate is smooth and has a smaller thermal resistance of dirt;

     8. The spacing between the plates can be adjusted according to the dust content of the specific flue gas, so as to make the flue gas flow smoothly and avoid blockage;

     9. The GGH plate heat exchanger can achieve a turbulent flow state under the design flow rate, avoid the deposition of dust, enhance heat transfer, and reduce resistance.

    10. Purify the toxic substances in the flue gas, so that the flue gas discharged into the atmosphere will not cause pollution.


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