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The Main Features of Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

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The Main Features of Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

The structure of heat pipe heat exchanger is different from other forms of heat exchangers. Heat pipe heat exchanger has some significant features: high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, heat transfer fluid resistance loss is small, the shape of the flexible changes in environmental adaptability.

1, heat pipe heat exchanger through the heat exchanger in the heat exchanger spacer so that hot and cold fluids are completely separated, in the operation of a single heat pipe because of wear and tear, corrosion, over-temperature and other reasons for the occurrence of damage basically does not affect the operation of the heat exchanger. Heat pipe heat exchanger for flammable, explosive, corrosive fluid heat transfer occasions with high reliability.

2, heat pipe heat exchanger cold and hot fluid flow completely separate, can be relatively easy to achieve cold and hot fluid countercurrent heat transfer. Hot and cold fluids are flowing outside the tube, because the heat transfer coefficient of the flow outside the tube is much higher than the heat transfer coefficient of the flow inside the tube, used for lower grade heat recovery occasions is very economical.

3, for high dust content of the fluid, heat pipe heat exchanger can be structural changes, expansion of the heating surface and other forms of heat exchanger to solve the problem of wear and ash plugging.

4, heat pipe heat exchanger for flue gas waste heat recovery with corrosive, can be adjusted by adjusting the evaporation section, the condensing section of the heat transfer area to adjust the heat pipe wall temperature, so that the heat pipe as far as possible to avoid the largest corrosive region.

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