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Principle of heat exchangers

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Principle of heat exchangers

The working principle of the heat exchanger is: the relative flow direction of the fluid in the heat exchanger is generally downstream and counter-flow two. Downstream, the temperature difference between the two fluids at the entrance is the largest, and gradually decreases along the heat transfer surface. Countercurrent, along the heat transfer surface of the two fluid temperature difference is more evenly distributed.

In the cold, hot fluid inlet and outlet temperature under certain conditions, when both fluids are no phase change, the average temperature difference of the countercurrent is the largest and the smallest. In the completion of the same heat transfer conditions, the use of countercurrent can make the average temperature difference increases, the heat transfer area of the heat exchanger is reduced; if the heat transfer area remains unchanged, the use of countercurrent can make the heating or cooling fluid consumption is reduced. The former can save equipment costs, the latter can save operating costs, so in the design or production use should try to use counter-current heat transfer.

The heat exchanger principle is in fact the transfer of heat from one side of the object to the other through heat conduction. But according to the different types of heat exchanger specific working principles and use of different methods, such as air heat exchanger is mainly used for drying systems in the air heating, it is the main equipment in the hot air device

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