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How to effectively dehumidify an underground wine cellar?

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The storage of red wine has very strict environmental requirements European winery cellars for hundreds of years, whether temperature or humidity, basically in line with the conditions of red wine storage a good wine cellar is best underground.

The temperature of the wine cellar should be 10 ℃ ~ 16 ℃, the higher temperature shall not exceed 24 ℃, otherwise if the underground will destroy the style of the famous wine, avoid direct light

Air humidity is also very important for red wine storage Generally speaking, the most suitable air humidity for red wine storage is between 55% and 75%, if it is too dry, the cork will dry out and lose its elasticity, if it is too wet, the bottle can't be sealed, the cork and label will rot, and eventually the quality of red wine will decline. Therefore we need to find ways to control the air humidity.

VRcooler wine cellar air conditioner can be used to control the air humidity in the wine cellar, there is an intelligent control system, as long as the air humidity is higher than the storage requirements, it will automatically dehumidify and will humidity control, is the ideal choice for wine cellar moisture control and dehumidification.

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