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How much do you know about flue gas heat exchangers?

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How much do you know about flue gas heat exchangers?

Stainless steel flue gas equipment heat exchanger, in fact, is the use of waste flue gas heat into production and life needs of hot water, hot air, or thermal fluid waste heat recovery of heat exchange equipment. Flue gas heat exchanger uses the heat of high or medium temperature flue gas produced by industrial kilns, boilers, coking furnaces, blast furnaces, metallurgical furnaces, through the heat exchanger heat exchange, recovery of its heat, heating water or air. The hot water, steam or high temperature air produced to meet the domestic use of hot water, heating, steam for power generation or food and material drying. The company has been specialising in manufacturing packages for many years and has solved the problem of waste heat from flue gas in different industries.

flue gas heat recovery (2)

Flue gas heat exchanger four advantages:

1, reduce urban heat pollution:After the recovery of waste heat in the flue gas, the exhaust temperature is reduced to below 50 ℃, which greatly reduces the emission of high temperature gas and reduces urban heat pollution.

2) Reduced carbon emissions: The reduction in energy consumption reduces CO2 emissions by more than 15%, resulting in a "low carbon" benefit.

3、High efficiency of energy saving: recovering the high-taste and even low-grade heat from oil (gas) boilers and industrial furnaces to air emissions. And enhance its commodity value (the temperature of hot water), the exhaust temperature at 220 ℃ when the energy saving rate of up to 15%.

4, high desulphurization effect is good:desulphurization rate of 96.9%, enterprises from passive desulphurization into active desulphurization, and desulphurization cost is only a quarter of the traditional technology.

flue gas heat recovery 2

By temperature .

High-temperature flue gas heat exchanger: higher than 450 degrees of flue gas use

Medium temperature flue gas heat exchanger, used for flue gas below 450 degrees

Low temperature flue gas heat exchanger: for flue gases below 220°C

By heat transfer utilisation of the heat exchanger:

Flue gas-air-water waste heat utilisation for recovery.

flue gas-steam heat recovery heat exchanger.

air-glycol solution heat exchanger.

air-water vapour waste heat utilisation.

Air-water heat recovery.

flue gas-water heat exchanger.

High temperature flue gas heat recovery heat exchanger


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