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Flue Gas Waste Heat Recovery

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Flue gas waste heat recovery is a technology that utilises waste heat from flue gases generated during industrial processes to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. This technology typically involves capturing the thermal energy in the high temperature exhaust gases produced during combustion processes or industrial processes and converting it into usable forms of energy such as hot water, steam or electricity.

Waste heat sources:

The main source of flue gas waste heat recovery is the flue gases from industrial processes, usually from high-temperature equipment such as combustion boilers, heat treatment furnaces, sintering furnaces, and gas turbines.

Working Principle:

With flue gas waste heat recovery equipment, the heat energy in the exhaust gases is transferred to the working fluid (usually water or a heat transfer fluid) to produce steam or provide hot water. This heat energy can be used for heating, process heat demand or power generation.

Flue Gas Heat Exchanger, Cooling Air with Flue Gas

Equipment Type:

Equipment used for flue gas waste heat recovery includes flue gas waste heat boilers, flue gas waste heat exchangers, and steam generators. The specific type of equipment depends on the temperature and flow rate of the exhaust gas.

Application Areas:

Flue gas waste heat recovery is widely used in various industries such as power, chemical, metallurgy, textile, pharmaceutical and food processing. Flue gas waste heat recovery can be considered anywhere that high temperature exhaust gases are generated during the production process.

Energy Efficiency:

By recovering waste heat from flue gases, companies can improve energy efficiency, reduce dependence on external energy sources and lower energy costs.


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