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Air-cooled Dehumidifier with Desiccant Rotor

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Air-cooled Dehumidifier with Desiccant Rotor

An air-cooled dehumidifier with desiccant rotor is a special type of dehumidification system that uses a desiccant material to remove moisture from the air. It is typically used in industrial and commercial applications where precise humidity control is required. Here is how an air-cooled dehumidifier with desiccant rotor works:

1. Desiccant rotor: The heart of the system is the desiccant rotor, which is a honeycomb-shaped wheel or disc made of moisture-absorbing material such as silica gel, molecular sieve or other desiccant. The rotor rotates through two streams of air (process air and regeneration air).

2. Process air: Moist air from the environment is drawn into the dehumidifier and flows through the desiccant rotor. The desiccant material absorbs moisture from the air and reduces its relative humidity.

3. Dehumidification: When the process air comes into contact with the desiccant rotor, the moisture present in the air is absorbed by the desiccant material. The air leaving the dehumidifier has a lower humidity.

4. Regeneration Air: To remove the moisture that has accumulated in the desiccant rotor, a separate air stream called regeneration air is heated to a high temperature using an electric or gas heater.

5. REGENERATION PROCESS: The hot regeneration air passes through the desiccant rotor. The high temperature causes the moisture in the desiccant material to evaporate, creating a humid air stream.

6. Exhaust: The regenerated air containing moisture, also called exhaust, is discharged from the dehumidifier.

7. Reuse of desiccant: The desiccant rotor completes a full rotation and the process continues as the rotor rotates between the process air and regeneration air streams.

Air-cooled Dehumidifier

Advantages of air-cooled dehumidifiers with dehumidifying rotor:

1. low energy consumption: air-cooled dehumidifiers with desiccant rotors typically require less energy than conventional refrigeration-based dehumidifiers.

2. Precise humidity control: desiccant dehumidifiers allow precise control of humidity levels, making them ideal for applications requiring specific humidity conditions, such as in industrial processes or sensitive manufacturing environments.

3. Wide operating range: These dehumidifiers can operate effectively at both high and low temperatures, unlike some refrigeration-based dehumidifiers that may not perform well at lower temperatures.

4. Silica gel regeneration: Silica gel is often used as desiccant material, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Air-cooled dehumidifiers with desiccant rotors are ideal for applications such as drying and preserving products, controlling humidity in manufacturing processes, and maintaining optimal conditions in storage areas or sensitive facilities.


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