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Industrial Applications of Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

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Industrial Applications of Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

Chemical industry

1、Heat pipe heat exchanger of sulphuric acid system recovers the waste heat of high-temperature SOx gas at the outlet of incinerator, recovers the waste heat of high-temperature gas in the conversion section, and produces hot water or steam for the use of the system.

2, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry heat pipe heat exchanger can be used to recover the waste heat of the drug gas or exhaust gas, the production of clean hot air, dry materials.

3, the use of variable heat conduction heat pipe can be a reaction bed thermostat control at the same time, take out or input reaction heat.

4、 Large fertilizer plant synthetic convection section coil; medium and small nitrogen fertilizer plant gas engineering, conversion section, the use of heat pipe evaporator to recover process gas waste heat to produce steam for ammonia synthesis system, the conversion section of the first and second water heater.

5、 Methanol conversion furnace convection section coil.

6. Phthalic anhydride plant hot vessel.

Power industry

The use of heat pipe heat exchanger can be used as a variety of boiler tail heating surface. Such as heat pipe air preheater can replace the traditional rotary air preheater and tube air preheater, improve the wall temperature of the heating surface, to avoid dew-point corrosion, improve the furnace air inlet temperature and furnace oxygen content, reduce air leakage, and prolong the boiler operating cycle.

1, industrial boiler tail heat pipe air preheater. Heat pipe economiser or finned tube economiser.

2, power station boiler tail of the heat pipe air preheater can be divided into the following kinds of use:

(1) in the original low-temperature section of the air preheater before the air inlet to set up a heat pipe air preheater, to further reduce the boiler exhaust temperature, reduce the exhaust heat loss, improve boiler efficiency;

(2) The entire low-temperature section air preheater is of heat pipe type structure;

(3) The hot flue gas discharged from the boiler is used to heat the cold flue gas after desulphurisation, i.e. the GGH for desulphurisation in power stations.

(3) The rear of the convection section of the gas boiler.

4、Protection of power transmission lines, power transmission towers and substations in high altitude and cold areas need heat pipes to protect their foundations from excessive expansion or melting and sinking due to seasonal changes.

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Petrochemical industry

1、 Atmospheric pressure furnaces, pressure reducing furnaces, atmospheric pressure reducing two-in-one furnaces, hydrogenation furnaces, viscosity reducing furnaces, reforming furnaces, etc. in oil refineries. The heat pipe air preheater is used to recover the waste heat of the flue gas from the furnace to heat the air, so as to increase the temperature of the air supply to the furnace.

2 Refinery catalytic device regeneration flue gas and a variety of internal and external heat extractor waste heat recovery, can produce medium-pressure steam and used in the power system.

3 Coil of convection section of ethylene cracker, coil of convection section of refinery heating furnace.

Metallurgical industry

1、Ironworks use blast furnace flue gas to preheat air, gas single preheat or double preheat heat pipe heat exchanger as a whole or separate heat pipe heat exchanger, recovery of flue gas waste heat of hot blast furnace, saving gas, improve the heating speed of the hot blast furnace, the roof temperature and the temperature of the air supply Reduce the coke ratio of the ironmaking coke, saving coke.

2、Use heat pipe steam generator or finned tube steam generator to recover the sensible heat of sintered ore conveyed by various belt coolers and ring coolers to produce steam.

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