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Working Principle of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

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Working Principle of Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Heat pipe is a heat transfer component with high thermal conductivity.

Heat pipe through the evaporation and condensation of the work material in the closed vacuum tube shell to transfer heat, has a very high thermal conductivity, good isothermal, hot and cold sides of the heat transfer area can be arbitrarily changed, can be a long-distance heat transfer, can be a series of advantages such as temperature control.

Heat pipe as a heat transfer element heat exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, fluid resistance to small, conducive to the control of dew point corrosion and other advantages. At present, it has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, oil refining, boiler, ceramics, transportation, textile, machinery and other industries, as waste heat recovery and process heat energy use of energy-saving equipment, and achieved significant economic benefits.

Heat pipe evaporation section of the workpiece will boil or evaporate after being heated, absorbing the heat of the external heat source, resulting in latent heat of vaporisation, from liquid to steam, the resulting steam in the tube under the action of a certain pressure difference, flow to the condensation section, the steam meets the cold wall and the external source of cold, condensed into liquid, while releasing latent heat of vaporisation, and through the pipe wall to the external source of cold, the condensate by gravity (or suction core) under the action of the evaporation section to evaporation and evaporation again. So on and so forth, to achieve the heat transfer and exchange of the external cold and hot two kinds of media.

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