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Air Cooler for Fruit Ripening Storage

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Air cooler for fruit ripening storage

Bananas bought in the market are usually ripe and have an attractive golden-yellow skin. However, in order to prevent bananas from rotting and deteriorating during circulation, they are generally picked and refrigerated when they are pure blue. After arriving at the destination, due to the slow ripening of bananas under natural conditions, ripening treatment is required to solve the problem that the shelf life of the fruit is too short and it is difficult to transport.

The more traditional banana ripening method is to spray the ripening agent containing ethylene to promote the ripening and coloring of the fruit. It usually takes about nine days for the peel to change from green to yellow, and mature from the outside to the inside. However, in the process of spraying the ripening agent, uneven spraying tends to occur, resulting in inconsistencies in the ripening time of different positions of a banana. Bananas ripened in this way have different appearances, are prone to black spots, and will be damaged by slight friction during transportation and loading and unloading. The ripening method of spraying ripening agent has been gradually eliminated and banned in countries such as Europe and the United States.

Vrcoolertech’s ripening solution is based on refrigeration and preservation, and adjusts the ripening period of the fruit by controlling the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and ethylene concentration in the storage environment (the ripening period of bananas is usually 4-8 days), and through forced The difference improves the airflow inside the storage body, so that the fruit body is evenly heated. The color of the ripening fruit body is uniform and consistent with temperature adjustment, the taste is good, and the sweetness is high.

fruit ripening air cooler

- Transfer the bananas in the cold storage to the ripening storage. The temperature in the storage is maintained at 16°C~18°C, and the humidity is maintained at >90%.

- Release ethylene gas to activate the ethylene synthase inside the banana fruit and promote the ripening of the pulp. At this stage, the storage temperature is raised and maintained at 18°C or 19°C, and the humidity is >90%. (It is about 24 hours from the start of ethylene gas release to the completion of gas release)

- After 24 hours of ethylene gas release, dilute the ethylene gas and adjust the carbon dioxide concentration, and inject fresh air to accelerate the respiration of the pulp, so that the pulp organic matter is strongly transformed. Ripening stage, carbon dioxide concentration does not exceed 5000ppm)

- Lower the temperature to 14°C~16°C and leave it for 3-4 days until the ripening is completed.

The air cooler equipped in the ripening solution adopts an openable grille design, which requires only one person and two steps to easily complete the disassembly and installation after cleaning.

Vrcoolertech provides a green and safe ripening solution, which can be applied to bananas, avocados and other fruits that are not resistant to storage and preservation.


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