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250C High Temperature Counter Flow Air to Air Heat Exchanger

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Client need air to air heat exchanger for temp up to 230-250C.

Plate air preheater is an environmentally friendly product that recovers heat, reduces energy consumption and saves fuel. It is suitable for the equipment of chlorine converted from natural gas, refining petroleum gas, naphtha and other raw materials, as a heater for combustion air. It is widely used in chlorine-making reformers or cracking furnaces of large chemical enterprises and waste heat recovery projects in the iron and steel industry and glass industry.


Plate Type Air Pre-Heater is used in metallurgy, oil refining, chemical industry and other high temperature and high pressure industries.

Materials of Construction:
Tubes: Copper, cupro-nickel, aluminum, and stainless steel
Tube Diameters: according to our mold sheet

Casings: Aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel

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