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Why choose H-type finned tube as waste heat recovery heating tube for heat exchanger economiser?

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Why choose H-type finned tube as waste heat recovery heating tube for heat exchanger economiser?

There are several main reasons for choosing H-finned tubes as the waste heat recovery heating tubes in the heat exchanger economiser:

Increase the surface area for heat exchange: the structure of the H-finned tube gives it a larger surface area, which enables it to make fuller use of the expansion of the fins compared to ordinary smooth tubes, thus increasing the heat exchange area with the flue gases. This allows for higher heat transfer efficiency in a limited space, thus increasing the efficiency of waste heat recovery.

Improvement of heat transfer efficiency: Since the H-fin tube has a larger fin surface area, the heat exchange rate between the flue gas and the pipe can be increased. This allows waste heat to be transferred more efficiently to the recovery medium, such as water or air, during the recovery process, resulting in higher heat exchange efficiency.

Corrosion resistance and durability: H-finned tubes are usually made of corrosion-resistant materials, which can resist corrosive substances in flue gases and prolong the service life of the heat exchanger. Especially in the coal economiser, the flue gas contains certain corrosive components, and it is very important to select H-finned tubes with strong corrosion resistance.

Reducing ash and scale accumulation: The design of the finned tube reduces the deposition of particulate matter in the flue gas on the pipe surface, thus reducing the possibility of scaling and ash accumulation. This helps keep the heat exchanger operating efficiently and reduces the frequency of cleaning and maintenance.

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Adaptability to High Temperature and High Pressure Conditions: Operating conditions in the economiser are often harsh and require heat exchanger pipework that can withstand high temperatures and high pressures, and the construction and materials of H-finned tubes make them suitable for high temperature and high pressure environments, maintaining consistent performance.

Overall, the selection of H-finned tubes as waste heat recovery heating tubes in heat exchanger economisers can improve heat transfer efficiency, extend heat exchanger life and reduce maintenance costs, while adapting to harsh operating conditions. These advantages make H-finned tubes a common choice in waste heat recovery systems.

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