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Why Liquid Cooling is Better for Data Centers

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Why is liquid cooling preferable for data centers?

All data centers want a cooling system that does more with less, so let's compare the options. Many people are familiar with traditional air cooling, but few are aware of a game-changing technology known as liquid immersion cooling, which is currently sweeping the market. The use of liquid immersion cooling is expected to more than double in the next five years! Furthermore, liquid cooling not only competes with air cooling, but outperforms it.

Since data centers spend a lot of money on cooling systems, it's important to understand the differences between them. There are several factors to consider, including initial costs as well as direct and indirect costs over time. Choosing a liquid immersion cooling system saves money for data centers both in the short and long term. Established data centers are already discovering that the technology is simple to use and an invaluable asset to their businesses.

One of the primary benefits of liquid cooling is that it can handle much denser server installations. Because processors are becoming more power-hungry by the year, data centers will eventually need to turn to liquid cooling. It's also better for the environment, safer for hardware, and more versatile in terms of where you can use it and which applications it supports, making it the top choice for data centers worldwide.

immersion cooling

Liquid effectively cools data centers.

The main reason why liquid cooling is preferable for data centers is that it simply performs better than previous systems.

As data-intensive technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things gain popularity, the number and speed of processors increase. They generate more heat, necessitating the use of powerful liquid cooling. For data centers that have reached the limits of their power envelopes, liquid cooling reduces power consumption to allow for further server expansion.

Accelerators' wattage is increasing dramatically year after year. Blowing air over servers is simply insufficient to keep up. It's only a matter of time before data centers require liquid cooling. Immersion can cool as much computation as you like.

Liquid is not only better for the data center, but also for the environment. Immersion cooling saves up to 95% on cooling electricity. It also reduces most water consumption while significantly lowering carbon emissions and other harmful substances.

What is it about this new technology that makes it so environmentally friendly?

On a fundamental material level, liquid cools hardware much more efficiently than air does. As a result, liquid requires fewer resources to provide the same level of cooling.

This keeps more resources in the ground, where they belong. They can then be used for more critical applications in the future, making liquid cooling a long-term solution. Finding innovative cooling solutions for data centers is a pressing matter, especially with sustainability dominating the conversation in both the general public and boardrooms around the world.

Immersion cooling is better for the environment in general, as well as in the context of the data center. People working in data centers can enjoy a safer, more pleasant working environment by producing less noise and making servers easier to maintain.

Liquid cooling is also more efficient because you only need to cool the servers and not the entire facility. Data centers that use air cooling frequently lower the temperature, increasing pollution from excessive electricity generation. It also deteriorates the working conditions in server rooms. Liquid immersion completely avoids these issues by delivering cooling precisely where it is required, saving money and precious resources.

Servers are protected by liquid cooling.

Data centers face a number of challenges in their efforts to keep their servers running optimally. Liquid immersion cooling protects servers from many common problems. When a data center uses air cooling, it exposes itself to corrosion, oxidation, humidity, dust, and pollution risks. However, the liquid coolant in GRC's tanks coats servers in such a way that these particles are rendered invisible.

You also eliminate the need for server fans, which contribute to wear and breakdown in air-cooled systems. Server fans vibrate, reducing the lifespan of your expensive hardware. Liquid immersion, on the other hand, eliminates this risk, providing you with greater dependability and server uptime.

In the data center, there are even more silent predators. They are, however, no match for liquid immersion. Servers that are exposed to high temperatures can suffer damage. So, of course, air-cooled data centers spend a lot of money (and rely on resources that contribute to global warming) to try to avoid it. They also have hot spots as a result of uneven cooling.

In contrast, liquid cooling protects servers from hot spots and extreme temperatures. Temperatures in the tanks remain safe, only varying by a couple of degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, data centers that use this method have fewer hardware failures, less downtime and data loss, and fewer unhappy customers.

Liquid cooling is more adaptable.

Today's data centers face more diverse demands than ever before. Edge data centers can expose hardware to unpredictability and danger. Server density varies greatly in enterprise and cloud data centers as well. You need solutions that work and work well to mitigate all of the hazards that can arise at any time. Immersion cooling streamlines all aspects of data center operations, from design to construction to maintenance.

Liquid cooling can be used in any location and type of data center. It does not have the wattage limits associated with air cooling. Liquid cooling also does not necessitate the same complex and costly infrastructure that is required for air cooling.

Liquid cooling can be used in enterprise and edge data centers, unused rooms, and shipping containers, without the need for raised floors or complex air handlers.

Vrcooler provides liquid immersion cooling systems for a variety of applications, including enterprise and cloud, edge, high-performance computing (HPC), and crypto. These coolers are also suitable for any other data center because they can be installed at will and can handle any compute density you can throw at them. Simply put, the versatility of liquid immersion makes it more valuable than any other cooling technology on the market for today's data centers.

Liquid immersion saves money because of its naturally faster cooling abilities and unparalleled simplicity. You don't need to spend nearly as much money on accessories when installing liquid cooling systems as you would for traditional air cooling systems. Because the simple design does not rely on a swarm of air conditioners and backup power supplies, you will spend even less on maintenance and operations.

This is next-generation cooling technology that provides a win-win solution for data centers.


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