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Where is an air preheater used?

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Where are air preheaters generally used?

Adapt to the environment: coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers.

Adapt to flue gas temperature: boiler room with flue gas temperature higher than 120℃.

Application principle of air preheater:

During the operation of the boiler, it is necessary to discharge flue gas to the external environment. In order to ensure the high temperature environment of the boiler furnace, the factory flue gas temperature of the boiler is generally set to be about 200 °C. The flue gas at this temperature contains a high enthalpy value. Into the atmosphere, one will cause atmospheric warming, and the other will increase energy waste. Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding measures to reduce the flue gas emission temperature.

The principle of the air preheater is as follows:

Air Preheater


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