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What is an immersion liquid cooling system?

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1. What is immersion liquid cooling

       Full immersion liquid cooling is to directly immerse the server or heating element in the cooling liquid, and rely on the flow and circulation of the liquid to take away the heat generated by the operation of the server and other equipment. Immersion liquid cooling is a typical direct contact liquid cooling. As shown in Figure , the immersion liquid cooling has higher heat dissipation efficiency due to the direct contact between the heating element and the cooling liquid. Compared with the cold plate type and spray liquid cooling, the noise is lower, and it can solve the heat dissipation problem of high heat density cabinets such as single cabinets above 15KW.

immersion cooling 1

The immersion type is divided into two-phase liquid cooling and single-phase liquid cooling, and the heat dissipation method can be in the form of dry cooler and cooling tower;

1. Two-phase liquid cooling:

       The cooling liquid undergoes a phase change in the process of circulating heat dissipation. After the cooling liquid takes away the heat of the server, the phase change gasification occurs, and the gaseous cooling liquid is condensed by the condenser and turns into a liquid state and returns to the liquid cooling tank; the cooling liquid can use 3M electronic products. Coolant FC-72, the boiling point of FC-72 is above 50 ℃, in this case, the water temperature in the condensing coil does not need to be too low, the use of dry cooler can meet the requirements of heat exchange, take away the heat, Two-phase liquid cooling has a high heat transfer efficiency due to the phase change of the electronic cooling liquid. The disadvantage is that during the phase change process, the electronic fluoride liquid will escape during the process of evaporating into a gaseous state, so it has a certain degree of sealing of the container. However, it should not be too sealed to prevent the cooling system from being interrupted and cylinder explosion, so certain safety facilities need to be set up.

immersion cooling 2

2. Single-phase liquid cooling

       The cooling liquid always maintains a liquid state in the process of circulating heat dissipation, and no phase change occurs. After the low-temperature coolant takes away the heat of the server, the temperature rises, and the increased coolant enters the board exchange for re-cooling to complete the cycle; the coolant can be selected from 3M electronic fluoride FC-40 with a boiling point of up to 165°C. The single-phase liquid cooling technology can be realized when the temperature does not exceed 50°C. Single-phase liquid cooling requires a higher boiling point of the cooling liquid, so that the control of the volatilization loss of the cooling liquid is relatively simple, the compatibility with the components of IT equipment is better, and the cooling liquid does not need to be replenished frequently.

immersion cooling 3


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