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What is an air fin tube radiator?

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The air fin tube radiator uses high-efficiency finned tubes as heat transfer elements, uses steam or other fluids (heat-conducting oil, water, etc.) as a working fluid, and uses air as another working fluid, through the enhanced heat transfer of finned tubes, To achieve the purpose of heating and cooling the working fluid in the tube or heating and cooling the air with the working fluid in the tube.

Application range of air fin tube radiator:

1. Forming machine: radiators with fixed size, such as setting machine, coating machine, printing machine, printing machine, cloth drying machine, etc., are generally produced by assembly line.

2. Drying room and oven: brick room or large metal box, materials are parked inside for drying, fans and radiators can be built-in or external.

3. Tunnel furnace drying furnace: long and large metal boxes, built-in various forms of chain conveying materials, materials from the import to the export to complete the drying process, generally for assembly line production.

4. Airflow drying: Drying of powders and fine particles requires cyclone separators, lifts, etc. to work, generally for assembly line production.

air fin tube radiator

air fin tube radiator


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