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What is a brazed plate heat exchanger?

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A brazed plate heat exchanger is a plate heat exchanger made by brazing adjacent corrugated stainless steel plates in a vacuum brazing furnace using pure copper (or nickel) as the brazing material. The plates form a channel between them, and the angular holes on the corners are distributed so that the two media flow alternately in the channel, and the numerous contact points provide a good mechanical emphasis.

The advantages of brazed plate heat exchanger

1、Compact structure: the use of thin stainless steel plates, high heat transfer coefficient and low stagnation.

2, reliable and stable operation: the use of high-quality 316L stainless steel and brazing material, high quality weld seam, can withstand high temperature and high pressure, high fatigue strength.

3, less water consumption: its high heat transfer efficiency, the same cooling conditions only need shell and tube heat exchanger 1/3 of the cooling water flow.

4, light weight: only equivalent to 20%-30% of shell and tube heat exchanger, reducing transportation and installation costs.

5, low fouling coefficient: high turbulence reduces the fouling coefficient, thus reducing the number of cleaning.

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Applications of brazed plate heat exchanger

Refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC industry: as condenser, evaporator, gas superheater, liquid subcooler, reheater, economizer.

Chemical industry: lubricating oil cooling of rolling mills, continuous casting machines, oxygen generating machines, equipment circulating water cooling.

Electric power industry: cooling of transformer, cooling of turbine oil.

Light textile, paper waste gas, waste liquid waste heat recovery.

The intermediate heat exchange station of district centralized heating system, heating circulating water heating, etc.


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