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What Is The Main Purpose of Economizer?

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A coal economiser is a device used to improve combustion efficiency and reduce energy wastage. It is usually installed in the flue of a coal-fired boiler or other coal-fired equipment to preheat the air entering the boiler by recovering waste heat in the flue, thus reducing fuel consumption. The main function of a coal economiser is to recover heat from the flue gas and use it to heat the boiler intake air, increasing the efficiency of the entire combustion process.

By using a coal economiser, several objectives can be achieved:

Improve energy utilisation: By recovering waste heat, a coal economiser can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a coal-fired plant and reduce fuel wastage.

Reduce energy costs: As a result of improved energy efficiency, coal economisers can help reduce energy costs and make coal-fired equipment more cost-effective.

Reduce Environmental Pollution: By improving combustion efficiency, the economiser helps to reduce the emission of hazardous substances in the combustion exhaust gases, thus reducing pollution to the environment.

Extend equipment life: By reducing the amount of fuel burned, the coal economiser also reduces the thermal stress inside the boiler, which helps to extend the service life of the boiler and other equipment.

In practice, choosing the right type of coal economiser, installation location and design parameters has a great impact on its performance and effectiveness. Types of coal economiser include air preheater, water preheater, etc., and their selection depends on the specific application scenario and requirements.

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