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What Is Hydrophilic Blue Fin Condenser?

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What Is Hydrophilic Blue Fin Condenser?

The long life of an AC depends upon the corrosion which damages the coils during heat transfer. The corrosion causes leakage in the coils which result in a loss of refrigerant. It happens more in the coastal areas than the other areas due to the presence of salts and ozone in the coastal air.

The regular cleaning of the coils can prevent the coils from damages. But it is not easy in case of cleaning the aluminium coils which are kept in the heavy cabinets for their protection. In such cases, manufacturers fuse the aluminium coils to the copper tubes which causes galvanic corrosion. The galvanic corrosion causes due to the mixing up of two different types of coils.

In these situations to avoid the galvanic corrosion, the manufacturers coat the aluminium coils with a hydrophilic coat which is known as Hydrophilic Fin Technology.

Hydrophilic Blue Fin Condenser

Advantages Of Hydrophilic Fin

Hydrophilic technology prevents the accumulation of water on the surfaces of the fin.

The water droplets slip down without sticking on the surface of the condenser.

It is also known as the epoxy coating on the coils.

The hydrophilic coat on the aluminium fins lasts three times longer than the aluminium.

This is the best technology to enhance the life of the coils by preventing them from corrosion.


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