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Vrcoolertech Manufacture Heat Exchanger for Clothes Dryer

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The condensing type clothes dryer uses hot air blowing into the drum for drying. The condenser coil condenses the hot air with moisture that originally needs to be discharged, and the liquefied moisture is left in the water storage box or discharged directly, and the continuous cycle takes away the clothes moisture for drying. Condensing dryer temperature is usually at 60-70 ℃, the length of 1-2h, can ensure more uniform drying clothes.

VRcoolertech produces and manufactures condensers and evaporator heat exchanger for clothes dryer

Clothes Dryer condenser coil generally uses stainless steel tube stainless steel fins, anti-corrosion function is very good, fully meet the needs of the dryer internal wet environment, increase the service life.

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