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Vrcooler Supplied 3 sets FS Compressor Cooler P600

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Vrcooler CST supply 3 sets FS P600 compressor intercooler. Size and Material are same with original one.

It's ready for shipment to Indonesia.

FS Compressor cooler p600

Vrcooler CST can provide replacement intercooler aftercooler oil cooler for any brand compressor, such as:

Atlas Copco, Cooper Joy, Cooper Cameron, Suler, Ingersoll Rand, Centac, Samsung, FS, Kaeser, KOBELCO, BOGE, SULLAIR, Nuovo Pignone, COMPAIR, Etc.

Materials information:

Cooper Tubes

Cooper/Aluminum Fins

Stainless steel cover plate

Available FS Cooler models for:

220DA3, 270DA3, 330DA3, 550DA3, 950DA3, 1100DA3, P300, P400, P500, P600, P700,

PP0576-2904, PP0576-70, PP0577-70, FP0502-01, FP0503-01


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