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VRCOOLER provides you with solutions for remote cooling units

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VRCOOLER provides you with solutions for remote cooling units.

When it comes to the reliable operation of the equipment, the cooling system of a generator set is an extremely important factor to consider. If the thermal balance is designed in a scientific manner, the working efficiency of the set can be greatly improved, leading to a reduction in the amount of energy that is consumed.

In urban buildings, the rational arrangement of equipment needs to take into account how space can be utilized in the most effective way. How can the criteria for heat dissipation be met when the generator set is constrained by the ventilation conditions of the installation site? This is especially problematic when the generator set is put in the basement, where space is limited.

When the conventional approach of cooling the generator set results in a substantial amount of noise, what steps may be taken to improve the cooling system and considerably cut down on the noise level?

Remote Radiator for Gas Engine 5

The VRCOOLER remote cooling unit provides a scientific and feasible cooling solution that is based on the thermal balance and noise requirements of the generator set installation location as well as the best investment cost control. This solution is a combination of a separate heat exchanger and a remote radiator, which allows the engine cooling to be unrestricted by space while still maintaining good control over the set's thermal balance and noise levels.

The primary uses are found in commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, entertainment venues, gymnasiums, schools, residential areas, stations, and airports, as well as other locations that have restricted installation space and low noise requirements, in addition to locations that have high ambient temperatures.

Independent of limits on space area, reliable operation and good heat dissipation; distant radiators with the choice of horizontal water tanks or cooling towers

Operation that is both versatile and convenient, as well as remote monitoring and unattended work!

Costs of operation and maintenance that are kept to a minimum, with overhaul cycles that can last up to 20,000 hours;

Costs of investing are low, and the payoff time is quite quick.


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