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Transformer Oil Air Cooling System

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Transformer Oil Air Cooling System

Transformer oil air coolers are used in the cooling system of transformers to dissipate the heat in the transformer oil by wind power, thus keeping the transformer within the normal operating temperature range.

In transformers, two main types of cooling exist: oil cooling and air cooling. Oil cooling is achieved by transferring the oil inside the transformer to the cooler and then distributing the heat through the surface of the cooler. Air cooling, on the other hand, uses wind power outside the cooler to directly cool the cooler surface, thereby reducing the temperature of the transformer oil.

Transformer Oil CoolerTransformer Oil Cooler 1

Transformer oil air coolers usually consist of the following major components:

Fan: A fan is a device used to generate airflow, usually driven by an electric motor. It is capable of providing effective cooling by introducing large volumes of air.

Cooler pipework: The oil inside the transformer flows through the pipework and over the surface of the cooler, exchanging heat with the outside air.

Heat sinks: The surface of the cooler is usually designed as a heat sink with a diffused area to increase the contact area with the surrounding air and thus improve the cooling efficiency.

Control system: Some larger transformer air coolers may be equipped with a control system that monitors the transformer temperature and fan operation to enable automatic adjustment of the air cooling effect.

Transformers using air coolers are usually installed in open areas to ensure sufficient air flow to provide adequate cooling. Air coolers may be more suitable than other cooling methods under specific environmental conditions, such as in areas where large quantities of cooling water are not available or where there is a need to reduce the cost of the cooling system.

It should be noted that the design and installation of transformer oil air coolers need to be carried out according to specific transformer specifications, power ratings and operating conditions to ensure that the normal operating temperature of the transformer can be effectively maintained, thereby extending its service life.


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