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The functional section of the combined air conditioning unit

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The combined air conditioning unit can adjust the indoor air to achieve the purpose of improving indoor air quality. According to different environmental application requirements, in addition to providing fresh air, modular air conditioning units also have the function of regulating indoor humidity and temperature.

(1) Fan section: The fan section of the combined air-conditioning unit is generally selected according to the site working conditions and specific use requirements. Centrifugal fans or axial fans with different air volumes are determined. Centrifugal fans are selected under normal circumstances.

(2) Filtration section: select primary filter, medium-efficiency filter, high-efficiency filter, etc. according to needs. The main function is to capture PM2.5 particles with different particle diameters, such as floating and sinking, dust, etc., for ordinary workshops or general requirements It’s fine to use junior high-efficiency filtration in the site. For places with high indoor air quality requirements, such as precision instrument workshops, electronics factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospital operating rooms, food processing plants, etc., more efficient filters need to be configured to cooperate with other functional segments. .

(3) Surface cooling section: The surface cooling section of the combined air conditioning unit mainly uses a surface cooler to cool and dehumidify the fresh air to achieve the purpose of controlling the supply air temperature and humidity.

(4) Humidification section: The use of electrode humidification, steam humidification and other methods can ensure that the combined air-conditioning unit meets the environmental humidity requirements.

(5) Sterilization section: The combined air unit is sterilized by UV lamps to further purify the air cleanliness. This functional section is a necessary functional requirement in pharmaceutical factories, hospital operating rooms, and food processing plants.

The above five functional segments are the most common and practical functions of modular air conditioning units. You can contact us for design and quotation according to the requirements of the installation site and industry standards.

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