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The cooling process of surface coolers

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The cooling process of surface coolers

Surface cooler products are suitable for hot air heating, air conditioning, drying, cooling and dehumidification. They are extremely widely used in medicine, chemical industry, light industry, paper making, printing and dyeing, wood drying, large steel plants, motor cooling, etc. At the same time, the company has a history of designing air conditioners for more than ten years, and has a group of professional proficient and experienced refrigeration and purification technology engineers, specializing in the development and development of refrigeration equipment, automatic control and constant temperature and humidity energy tube regulator, mainly producing household high use and large central air conditioning hot and cold water unit series, and its supporting end equipment series.

The surface cooler is called surface cooler. Its principle is to let the heat or refrigerant or refrigeration process flow through the inner cavity of the metal pipe, while the air to be treated flows through the outer wall of the metal pipe for heat exchange to achieve the purpose of heating or cooling the air. The heat and moisture exchange in the surface cooler is carried out under the effect of the temperature difference and water vapour partial pressure difference between the main body air and the boundary layer air immediately outside the heat exchanger surface.

Wet cooling process, due to the boundary layer of air and the main body of air between not only the temperature difference, there is also a water vapour pressure difference, so through the surface of the heat exchanger not only the apparent heat exchange, there is also a latent heat exchange accompanied by wet exchange. Therefore, the wet working conditions of the table cooler than the dry working conditions have greater heat exchange capacity, or for the same table cooler, in the dry bulb temperature of the air being treated and water temperature remains constant, the higher the wet bulb temperature of the air, the higher the cooling capacity of the table cooler to reduce humidity.

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