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The Advantage of Vrcoolertech Combined Clean Air Conditioning Unit

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The air volume of the combined clean air conditioning unit ranges from 3,500m3/h to 200,000m3/h for 12 functional segments for users to choose and combine freely. 

It is mainly suitable for air purification systems in various clean plants, such as industrial electronics plants, precision machinery manufacturing plants, textile workshops, automotive spraying workshops, GMP pharmaceutical plants, cosmetics, food plants, pure water workshops, hospital surgery departments, ICUs, etc. occasion.

     Combination design: flexible combination of multi-function section of air conditioning unit, design of external dimensions according to needs, delivery of loose parts and installation on site.

     Reasonable frame structure, sturdy and durable product, excellent thermal insulation performance: air conditioning unit reinforced aluminum alloy frame structure, double-layer panel structure, 30-50mm thick fluorine-free polyurethane foam layer in the middle, low thermal conductivity, no cold bridge, overall structure Novel and unique, strong rigidity, light weight, convenient disassembly and assembly.

     Performance guarantee: Surface coolers, heaters, fans, motors, and compressors are all made of excellent materials with reliable quality.

     Quiet operation and shockproof: The fan and motor adopt spring shock-absorbing base, and the air outlet and the fan adopt a soft connection to eliminate vibration transmission. All impellers of the fan have undergone dynamic and static balance correction, and the operation is stable.

     Easy maintenance: The air-conditioning unit is equipped with a special designed inspection door, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance. The condensate tray is anti-rust treatment, and the cabinet is detachable.

     Control: For electrical components, the entire series can be remotely monitored by mobile phone APP to achieve trouble-free operation.

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