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Surface cooler FAQ

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Surface cooler FAQ

1. What are the calculation methods for the selection of surface coolers?

There are two main ways to select and calculate the type of the surface cooler, one is the design calculation, and the other is the check calculation.

2. In the fresh air unit, which calculation method is used for the selection and calculation of the surface cooler? How does it generally work?

In the fresh air unit, the calculation method of surface cooler selection is the use of check calculation. It is to first determine the windward area of the surface cooler, and then, according to its windward area and the space of the surface cooling section, to determine the width and height of the surface cooler, that is, its specific size. In addition, it is necessary to check its rationality, which cannot be missed.

3. How to adjust the cooling capacity of the surface cooler?

The adjustment of the cooling capacity of the surface cooler is generally carried out by adjusting the opening of the inlet and outlet water valves, that is, the amount of chilled water.

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