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Steam Air Heaters

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Steam Air Heaters

A Steam Air Heater is a heat exchange device used to heat air by using steam as a heat source. It is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications to heat air for a variety of heating needs. The following are the operating principles and main components of a steam air heater:

Principle of operation: Steam air heaters use conduction and convection to transfer heat from the steam to the air stream passing through the unit. Steam typically flows through the heater via an internal duct or coil, while the air flows through an external channel or heat sink. Heat is transferred from the heat source (steam) to the walls of the heater and then by convection to the air stream passing through the heater.

Steam Air Heaters

Main components: 

Steam air heaters typically consist of the following main components:

Steam Inlet: The inlet pipe or connection for introducing steam into the interior of the heater.

Heat exchange surfaces: include internal ducts, coils or heat sinks for transferring heat to the air stream.

Air Inlet and Outlet: The passageway or outlet port used to direct the air stream into and out of the heater.

Exhaust ports: Used to discharge heated air streams or other generated gases.

Controls: can be used to monitor and regulate the steam flow, temperature and air flow to achieve the desired heating effect.

Heating effect: Heat is transferred to the heater walls as steam flows through the heat exchange surfaces of the heater. Air flows through the external channels of the heater, coming into contact with the heater walls and absorbing heat from them. In this way, the temperature of the air gradually rises to achieve the desired heating effect.

The advantages of steam air heaters include efficient heat transfer, reliable performance, stable temperature control and the flexibility to adapt to different heating requirements. It is widely used in heated air heating systems, industrial drying processes, heating and ventilation systems and many other applications.


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