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SRZ type industrial radiator | air heater | spiral finned heat tube

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SRZ type industrial radiator | air heater | spiral finned heat tube

At present, more industrial radiator products processed by steel-aluminum composite spiral finned heat pipes can maintain better corrosion resistance in a humid working environment, and can be compared with other materials Industrial radiators can have better heat exchange effects, but in many cases, the application of aluminum cooling fins cannot maintain corrosion resistance in any working environment, such as the case of alkaline moisture in the air humidity , will quickly react with the aluminum fins, or in the case of high content of chloride ions in the water, the aluminum heat dissipation fins on the surface will react strongly and corrode. For the series of industrial finned tube radiators in this use environment, it is even more important to choose stainless steel finned tubes, elbows of corresponding materials, and the selection and application of frame steel plates, so that this type of heat dissipation can be better guaranteed. The device can obtain more stable heat exchange work under such use conditions.

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For the installation and use of carbon steel industrial finned tube radiator heat exchanger products, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of the product, especially the use of carbon steel seamless tubes as the interior of the spiral finned tubes When the base tube is processed with surface fins, hot water or steam will flow through the inside of the tube for heat exchange during use, so when you stop using this type of industrial radiator, try to keep every fin inside the radiator The pipes are filled with water to prevent a small amount of water vapor from oxidizing the carbon steel material inside, which will corrode and rust, reduce the thickness of the pipe wall, and thus affect the pressure bearing and service life. When the pipe is filled with water, the pipe is completely eliminated. Oxidation in contact with air reduces the corrosion effect on the inner wall of the pipe to a greater extent, so that the service life and application quality of the overall industrial finned tube radiator can be better guaranteed.

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