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Ripening Room Ripening Air Cooler

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Ripening room coolers are a type of cooling equipment used in ripening rooms, mainly to accelerate the ripening process of agricultural products such as fruit and vegetables. The ripening room cooler controls the temperature and humidity in the room by circulating cold air in order to promote the ripening and shelf quality of the produce.

The ripening room cooler works by cooling the outside air through a refrigeration system and then sending it into the ripening room to reduce the room temperature. The cooler usually uses circulating air to blow hot indoor air into the cooling system for cooling and disperses the cool air evenly through the ducts into the ripening room. At the same time, the cooler controls the humidity in the room and maintains suitable humidity conditions to provide the best ripening environment.

Ripening room coolers play an important role in the agricultural sector. They accelerate the ripening process of fruit and vegetables, improving production efficiency and quality. By precisely controlling the room temperature and humidity, coolers are able to simulate natural ripening conditions and bring produce to the desired level of ripeness in a relatively short period of time. In addition, ripening room coolers can also extend the shelf life of produce, reduce wastage and improve yields and economic efficiency.

It is important to note that the use of ripening room coolers needs to be adjusted and controlled according to the characteristics and ripening requirements of different agricultural products. In addition, the rational operation and maintenance of cooler equipment is also an important factor in ensuring its proper functioning and safety.

Evaporator for banana ripening chambers

The following are the ripening temperature conditions for some common fruits:

Bananas: The optimum temperature range for ripening bananas is 13-21 degrees Celsius (55-70 degrees Fahrenheit). Higher temperatures help to speed up the ripening process of bananas.

Watermelon: Watermelons require a higher ripening temperature, usually above 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit). Higher temperatures promote the accumulation of sugar and the development of flavour in watermelons.

Tomatoes: The optimum ripening temperature for tomatoes is between 15-21 degrees Celsius (59-70 degrees Fahrenheit). Higher temperatures promote the production of ethylene in tomatoes, thus accelerating ripening.

Pears: Ripening temperatures for pears are usually between 13-18 degrees C (55-64 degrees F). The ripening of pears is easier to control at this temperature range.

Peaches: Ripening temperatures for peaches range from 18-21 degrees Celsius (64-70 degrees Fahrenheit). Higher temperatures accelerate the softening and ripening of peaches.

These temperature ranges are intended as a general guide only and ripening conditions may vary for specific types of fruit. In practice, ripening temperatures should be adjusted according to the type and variety of fruit and the desired level of ripening. In addition, factors such as humidity and gas concentration also have an influence on ripening of fruit and need to be taken into account.


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